Scooter City

614 16th Street


Scooter City Sacramento is the culmination of these years of experience servicing these machines and the desire to bring safe and reliable 2-wheeled transportation to Sacramento. The Scooter City Showroom plans to open in the Summer of 2010 when we’ll be moving our scooter sales department from it’s current location at 1116 18th Street, to a newly renovated space at 614 16th Street. (Scooter service will remain at our 18th Street location.)

The scooters we offer are the highest quality available for the price. Our experience with other scooters to date is that the out the door selling price is seductively attractive, but the buyers are quick to realize that the cost of maintaining these low-cost machines is more than the balance they would have spent on one of our own scooters in the first place.

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