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Complete with Mid-Century Nostalgia

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Complete with Mid-Century Nostalgia

Jack Chalabian was 12 when he started delivering newspapers. In the mornings, he stood at the corner of Florence and Western avenues, hawking the Los Angeles Examiner. By afternoon, he’d hop on a Cushman scooter II, stuffing the Los Angeles Herald Express into subscribers' news boxes.

Now 76, Chalabian is back on a Cushman – this time, of his own design. This spring, Chalabian began manufacturing the Cushman II – a retro replica of the 78-year-old original updated with modern technology, including a larger engine capable of 55 mph, Brembo disc brakes and dual shocks front and rear.

A dozen years ago, Chalabian purchased a 1948 Cushman similar to the one he rode as a kid. After disassembling and rebuilding it, he said, "About once a month or so, I'd ride it to the post office to pick up the mail. I had people following me wanting to know where I got it and how they could get one."